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For most applications, however, these special codes can be ignored.Given a postcode column within a SQL Server database, here's a T-SQL query that will check the validity of the codes, based on the syntax rules discussed above.You can access it by purchasing specialized software, but that's a costly option.However, it's relatively easy to check the syntax of a postcode.Such a table does exist (it's known as the Postcode Address File, or PAF).But it contains over 27 million records, and is subject to strict licensing and copyright controls.Use this page to validate a UK postcode against a list of known existing postcodes. The result will then be displayed to confirm if the postcode is valid or not.

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They play a vital role in many applications, especially in fields such as mapping, transportation, marketing and statistics.For example, within the SW1 district, SW1A covers Whitehall and the Mall, while SW1E is Victoria Station and nearby streets.Compared to the outward code, the inward code - the part after the space - is quite simple.The functions also take into account which letters are valid in the various positions.

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If the parameter is a valid postcode, the function returns it correctly formatted - i.e.

The unit within the sector represents a very small area, typically containing just 12 - 15 addresses. But it's really not that bad when you consider that there are only six possible patterns for a valid postcode (see Table 1).

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